Diniizhoo Diniizhoo, a Gwich’in gathering place

Charlie ThomasCharlie Thomas’ grandfather’s tthał and his own muskratting lake are near Diniizhoo

“Up that way is a big lake called Sriligwichoo in the Gwich’in language. In English, Ostrich Lake. That is how the land is named. There’s lots of lakes around here but they have no names. Way up there below the mountain, there’s a round area of ground there called Diniizhoo . That’s right by the border line there; it’s fifteen miles to the border from here.

So then, from there, Potato Creek, that is called Potato Hill in English. In Gwich’in it’s called Diniizhoo . Long ago, around the time of the people who lived before our parents, they say it was Game Mountain. They gathered on it.”

(Charlie Thomas at his camp in Van Tat , 22 June 2001 VG2001-2-37:071-085 Gwich’in)