Kâachik What was life like at Kâachik ?

Alfred Charlie:

[Kâachik] was right on top of Ch’oodèenjik bank. Yeah, there was a little village there. There was about twelve or fourteen houses and about six tent frames. Used to be quite a few people up there, you know. Like, anybody [who] wanted to go up there, ... they go up there and stay with us.

John Joe KyikavichikJohn Joe Kyikavichik’s trip to the headwaters of Ch’oodèenjik in the 1930s

In the 1930s, when I was 12 years old, my father trapped at the headwaters of Ch’oodèenjik and I went with him. He hunt for meat and trapped for marten around there. He taught me; I really never had any schooling. I was raised only out in the bush … Nowadays the children go to school. I never did that. I always talk to you in my language.

I remember back around 1930, it was a bit hard. The people went through hard times. They lived only on food from the land; in those days there was not much white man’s food. They hunted in different directions and trapped. They lived on the meat they hunted. … They went way up river for moose and caribou, too. They made rafts and brought [the animals] home and then they dried them. In those days, Moses Tizya and Peter Charlie had boats. [They would take them] way up where they hunted for food. From there they made caribou rafts to go back down [river]. This is the way people lived long ago, when I was growing up.