Kâachik What was life like at Kâachik ?

White stone river

Vuntut Gwitchin Elder Dick Nukon speaking about the Whitestone area. Translated into English from Gwich’in: “We went up to Gwazhal to trap and when we come back to Whitestone, he wrote a letter by mail.  And when my father read the letter, “I will be coming through (030) Sheih Vee Njik.” [Whitestone River]  And so, we went that way too, Sheih Vee Njik.  He was coming through Ogilvie and Sheih Vee Njik and over the mountain.

He came through Sheih Vee Njik and all the way down to Whitestone. He sure did it, too. And we went up that way, too.  Every camp we put food for them. We left tobacco and everything.  And what we call (037) Ts’iizhuu [Ogilvie].  And he went over to Canoe River and to Nihtuk, just like that Crow Mountain, a trail goes over it.” Dick Nukon,  VG2001-2-02

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